Red Truck Mini Guide


My annual Red Truck Mini-Sessions are different than any other photo sessions that I offer throughout the year, so I've created this mini-guide to answer some frequent questions and give clothing ideas. I hope it helps! 

I have put together a few of my favorite clothing ideas here for inspiration. Please feel free to email me with photos of your outfit choices and I will be happy to give feedback! However, at the end of the day, I recommend choosing clothing that makes you feel great. ❤️


#1: Pops of Plaid – plaids look great with the holiday decor!

#2: Pajamas – they add such a fun vibe to holiday photos!

#3 Beanie Hats – they are adorable for all winter photos, in my opinion!

#4: Neutrals​​​​​ – when in doubt, neutrals look great with everything! 

#5: Blues & Greens – I love the contrast of bold jewel tones with the red in the truck!​​​​​​


Colors to avoid:

1.) Too much bright red – small pops of red look great with the truck and decor, but too much bright red can overwhelm the photos when photographed with the truck. (Dark red and burgundy look great with the truck's.)

2.) Neon colors – I recommend skipping neons for all photo sessions because they just don't photograph well and create color casts on skin. 

3.) Orange – neutral brown and/or camel can work when mixed with other colors, but bright orange is difficult with the red in the truck. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q.) How many photos will be included in my gallery?

A.) This varies from client to client, but most red truck galleries include 25+ photos. I will work as quickly and efficiently as I can to get you a large variety of photos during our time together. 

Q.) Is it possible to take photos in the forest as well as in the truck?

A.) Yes! I'm happy to take a mix of truck and forest photos during your photo session. 

Q.) Will my photo session be rescheduled due to cold temperatures or bad weather? 

A.) November in Colorado is unpredictable. Some years, we have 60+ degrees and sunny, and some years it's closer to 35 degrees and windy. (This is why planning to include layers in your clothes is so important – clothing can be added or removed to keep you comfortable on your photo session date.) There are a few reasons that I may choose to postpone these mini-sessions: 

     1.) Excessive wind – wind speeds above 15-20 miles per hour make photos miserable, so I will usually postpone if the forecast shows high winds

     2.) Mud or ice at the photo session location – the truck is 100+ years old, and it doesn't drive well in these conditions. 

     3.) Rain/snow/cold – if the forecast predicts temperatures below freezing or active moisture I will postpone the mini-sessions. 

Q.) When will the reschedule date be? 

A.) I always keep a couple of weekend dates open each month in case of weather reschedules. I never hope to need them, but I will do my best to get you rescheduled to a mutually agreeable date if the weather doesn't cooperate.