Each year, I am asked what colors and clothing choices look best with the red truck, so I have put together a few of my favorites here for inspiration. Please feel free to email me with photos of your outfit choices and I will be happy to give feedback! However, at the end of the day, I recommend choosing clothing that makes you feel great. ❤️

*What to avoid: pops of red look great with the truck and decor, but too much bright red can overwhelm the photos when photographed with the truck. 

Please scroll through the example photos below for some ideas – I hope this helps! 


#1: Pops of Plaid – plaids look great with the holiday decor!

#2: Pajamas – they add such a fun vibe to holiday photos!

#3 Beanie Hats – they are adorable for all winter photos, in my opinion!

#4: Neutrals​​​​​ – when in doubt, neutrals look great with everything! 

#5: Blues & Greens – I love the contrast of bold jewel tones with the red in the truck!​​​​​​