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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.) Are you licensed and insured? 

A.) Of course! I am a legal, tax-paying business who is registered as an LLC with the state of Colorado, and I always carry a business liability insurance policy. 


Q.) What is the difference between a mini-session and a typical photo session? 

A.) I host mini-sessions twice each year – in early May when the trees are flowering, and in October during the fall colors. Mini-sessions allow me to photograph more families during these peak times, and they offer a quick and easy photo session option for families who may not need a full 60 minutes of photography time. I schedule minis back-to-back at specific locations on specific dates, so I will photograph multiple families in the same place on the same evening. I get so many requests for mini-sessions throughout the year, that I created my 30 minute photo session option to cater to clients who may be looking for something similar to a mini-session outside of my scheduled mini-session dates. 30 minute photo sessions are typically not scheduled back-to-back, and allow for more freedom with dates and locations. 


Q.) What happens if there is bad weather forecasted on my session date? 

A.) I always try to be flexible when it comes to weather, because #Colorado. Part of my job is to watch the weather forecasts and keep in touch with my clients if the weather may be an issue. I will happily work to find a new (mutually agreeable) date/time if needed! As a broad guideline, I usually recommend rescheduling in the following scenarios: forecasted temperature of less than 40 degrees, wind speed of over 15mph, 50% or more chance of rain. **Mini-Session clients will be given a scheduled weather make-up date when booking**


Q.) Are you vaccinated? 

A.) The short answer is YES. The long answer is that this may be a hot topic for some people, but I have been asked this question by so many separate families over the past few months that I've decided to include it here. I have received both doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, and I also stay up-to-date on my TDAP vaccine because of my work with newborns. Keeping my clients (as well as my own family!) safe is my number one priority. If you ever have questions about any safety-related topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I’m happy to do what I can to help. ❤️


Q.) What equipment do you use? 

A.) I am a lifelong Canon user – as of late 2020, I am using two Canon mirrorless camera bodies with L-Series lenses. I primarily use the RF 85mm 1.2 and RF 28-70mm 2.0, but I also occasionally use the EF 135mm 2.0, EF 70-200mm 2.8, and EF 35mm 1.4. 


Q.) How will you protect my photos from equipment malfunctions? 

A.) We've all heard horror stories about photographers losing someone's photos due to a corrupt card or broken hard drive, and I have done everything in my power to make sure that it won't happen to my clients. I photograph Every. Single. Client with two memory cards in each of my cameras. If one of my memory cards were to fail, I will always have a backup card with your photos on it. After your photo session, I will immediately upload your photos to my computer and then back them up to both an external hard drive and my two cloud backup service. Am I "extra" when it comes to backing things up? Definitely yes, but I'd rather go overboard to protect your images than have to disappoint you if they were lost. 


Q.) Are you self-taught or did you go to school to learn photography? 

A.) Both! I started taking black and white film photography classes in high school and continued taking photography classes in college. I LOVED learning to take photos on film and spending my days in the darkroom, but to be completely honest, I have learned more about photography in the time since I left school. When I decided to turn my love of photography into a business in 2010, jumped in with both feet. I began taking photography workshops and classes, I read every book, watched every video, and soaked up as much information and experience as I possibly could. This process has calmed down a bit over the past 11 years, but I still invest a significant amount of time and money into continuing my education and improving my processes each year. 


Q.) How do you describe your photography style? 

A.) I've always struggled with this question. Art is such a subjective thing, so 10 people can look at the same photograph and see something different. I personally love: bold + vibrant photos, real smiles + laughter, connection + emotion, candid and well-posed photos, and warm + backlit photos. Hopefully all of these things are reflected in my portfolio! If you are looking for a photographer, I would recommend looking through several different photographer’s websites/portfolios, and choosing the person whose work speaks to you the most. Maybe (hopefully!) it will be mine, and maybe it won’t, but there are so many different styles out there that you shouldn’t have a problem finding someone that you love and connect with! 



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