Woman with curly brown hair fall headshotLaura Smith PhotographyAbout Laura Smith Photography Before I tell you about myself, I want to wholeheartedly welcome you to Laura Smith Photography. The world can be an intimidating place, but I work hard to make sure every person feels valued by me. If you're here, I'm grateful for you. 

I was raised in Littleton, but in early 2015 my husband Jason and I left the Denver metro area for a home on 40 acres in Kiowa, Colorado. Jason was raised on a farm and dreamed of giving our children a similar upbringing, but I couldn't imagine leaving the city – now I can't imagine living anywhere else. I am blissfully happy in the wide open spaces of the Colorado plains. 

Jason and I have four school-aged children. Motherhood has been the most difficult, beautiful, exhausting, and joy-filled journey of my life, and that was the catalyst for this dream job of mine. I transformed my lifelong love of photography into a business after the birth of my oldest daughter in 2010. I obsessed over each milestone, every facial expression, and the tiniest details. Each passing day brought change, and I desperately wanted to pause time. Photography evolved into my way of doing that, and now I want to do the same for you and your family, because I believe so strongly in the significance of photos. 

I know first-hand that every stage matters. And they disappear way too fast. 

Before becoming a photographer or a mom, I spent several years working as a preschool teacher. Teaching ultimately wasn't my calling, but photography has given me the opportunity to merge my love of children with my passion for photography in the most beautiful way. And in an awesome, full-circle-moment, I have worked as the school photographer at my former preschool for the past 9 years (and counting!) 

At the end of the day...I love taking photos, but even more, I love serving people well. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to meet you soon!

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"Laura has been taking our family photos for the past 6+ years and the pictures she takes year after year blow me away! She is an amazing photographer, and the way she is able to capture the personalities of our children in pictures is breathtaking. She can put the whole family at ease and make picture taking fun!" ~Jessica



My promises to you: I will be honest, I will follow through, and I will do everything in my power to give you an easy experience + gorgeous photos.


If you're ready to schedule your Colorado photo session I'm here and excited to help – I primarily work with clients in Elbert + Douglas Counties and the South Denver Metro Area, but I am open to other locations as well. When you're ready to talk, I'm a quick email away